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Hormel Chili Can Safe

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Beans are good at keeping people away!

With our Hormel Chili Can Safe, your secret is safe with us! Most people keep a safe distance from beans, so you might as well take advantage of this fact, and exploit their gastric-intolerance by hiding your valuables in plain site!

Burglars don’t have the time to rummage through everything you have. In fact, most spend an average of 6 minutes (or less) inside the home, so they will look in the most obvious places for valuables. Our decoy can safes let you hide your stash of important items in the least obvious spot.

  • Protects your valuables
  • Hide it in plain sight
  • Perfect for spare keys, emergency cash, & more
  • Officially licensed with authentic label
  • True-to-size

This can features an officially licensed/authentic label that makes it impossible to distinguish from the real thing! As an added bonus the "Made with beef" on the label is a sure fire way to keep your peace loving, weed thieving, vegetarian or vegan roommate out of your stash.

Includes one can safe. Officially licensed with authentic label, it measures the same as an actual can of Hormel Chili with Beans. Perfect for spare keys, emergency cash & more. Our Hormel Chili Can Safe are a real gas of a gift!