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How To Swear In Sign Language

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Amazing ways to insult people without saying a word!

Whether you prefer to do so to their face, behind their back, or once you get back in the car to blow off some steam, knowing how to swear in sign language is a life skill we should all possess!

  • How To Swear In Sign Language
  • These 100 cards contain the best insults you can say with your hands.
  • Each card demonstrates the insult with an illustration and easy instructions, and 1-5 finger Offensiveness rating
  • Quickly how to signal to someone that they're a Motherfucker, Fucktard, Slut, Asshole, and more!

A great fucking gift for your friend who has mastered the art of cussing, and is ready to move on into the secret world of non-verbal gestures!

Made in the UK. Includes 100 flashcards containing creative curses in the language of American sign. Dark blue box measures approximately 3.6 x6 x 1.4 inches.