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FREE SHIPPING today on orders of $75+

Howligans Dog Leash Wire Hanger

by Fred

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Bepaws losing your leash is a mastiff pain in the @ss!

Always find yourself barking up the wrong tree looking for your dog's leash? Mount our hilarious Howligans Dog Wire Hanger in a handy place so you’re ready to dash when nature calls.

The curving tail curves sits slightly off the wall, perfect for leashes of all sizes! Maybe you'll want to throw your keys there too, so you're not digging around the house once you're finally ready to leave!

Who said you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks? Everytime you remember to hang your leash in it's new spot, reward yourself with a delicious treat!

Measures approximately 7 inches x 10 inches and comes with two mounting screws. Features a dog squatting to take a giant poo. Constructed from coated wire. Our Howligans Dog Wire Hanger was designed by Courtney Nicholls, Fred Studio.