I Cannot Adult Today Market Tote

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Our I Cannot Adult Today Market Tote is perfect for the days when you just want to crawl into bed and duck your head under the covers while you attempt to dodge all of these grown-up responsibilities. #everyday

Who dreams of a time before responsibilities, before needing a job, paying bills, rent, before kids, before becoming an adult? I know we all do at some point, so while you're filling this reusable shopping bag with candy, snacks, beer and wine, reassure everyone around you that you haven't totally lost it. You're just taking a break from adulting today. And tommorrow.

This eco-friendly reusable bag is made from 95% post-consumer material, has BOTH hand AND shoulder straps! The bag is designed to look like the brick exterior of an apartment, and on either side of the bag, it features a totally relatable sentiment, along with perfectly complimentary imagery:

  • "I cannot adult today." (written on the pulled shades, with a closed sign hanging from the window)
  • "Tomorrow doesn't look good either." (a view inside of the apartment finds a girl reading the paper, lounging in her jammies under her blanket, on her favorite comfy chair with her kitty cat by her side.)

It doesn't get much better than that! Oh, except for the fact that there's an adorable interior pocket that features a kitty cat on the window ceil looking out below the pulled shade! If you or someone you know needs a day off because they're struggling with this whole adulting business, this is the perfect gift and shopping companion!

Nylon, Post-Consumer Material. Measures approximately 15.5 inches wide x 6 inches deep x 15.25 inches tall. Woven from 95% post-consumer material, and colored in cool blue hues, our double-sided market tote bag features both hand and shoulder nylon straps. Our I Cannot Adult Today Market Tote is us.

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