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I Like My Job - Ha Ha Ha Ha - Just Kidding Daily Tote

by Unknown Vendor

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Our I Like My Job - Ha Ha Ha Ha - Just Kidding Daily Tote is in the business of being your favorite new tote. While it may not be it's favorite job, it is moderately happy to begrudgingly do it! Sound familiar?

Remember all those naps you refused? Wanting to stay inside and watch TV instead of playing recklessly outside with your friends? Too bad you didn't know then what you know now. That your future would involve spending the majority of your waking hours stuck behind the cool blue glow of your computer screen, while eating your lunch at your desk under the annoyingly familiar buzz of those ever so flattering florescent lights.

Office life. You can't help but love to hate it. It's a means to and end, but by all means poke fun at it to help alleviate the constant stress of adulting! A fun gift for office mates! After all, commiserating is half of the fun of working in the office!

Now, you may not want to bring this bag to a lunch with your boss, or maybe you do! Although this eco-friendly reusable shopping bag is perfect for carting lunch, paper, an extra sweater and shoes into the office from your car, it's probably best if you use this tote exclusively for shopping - far away from work.

This double-sided daily tote bag features fun office of both a guy and a girl stuck behind their desks - our favorite element? The framed kitty on the wall. Meow, really hit home.

Woven from 95% post-consumer material. Nylon, Post-Consumer Material. Various shades of blue with red accents and the text "I Like My Job" on both sides, and "HA HA HA HA HA Just Kidding!" on both sides. Measures approximately 8.6 inches wide x 4.6 inches deep x 10.3 inches tall. Besides yourself, do you know what else is too legit to quit? Our I Like My Job - Ha Ha Ha Ha - Just Kidding Daily Tote.