I Think My Guardian Angel Drinks Socks

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Great Gift For The Church Ladies

Our glorious I Think My Guardian Angel Drinks Socks seem to have fallen from heaven! A gift from the gods, you might say!

So, like... We've always suspected she might be throwing a few back... but what we're most curious about, is if she has always a drinker or is it that our bad life decisions driving her to drink? Lord only know!

So word on the street it that Guardian Angels are supposed watch over you and keep you on the right path. Well if that's true then we have agree with what our socks say - we truly do think my guardian angel drinks! Now, we're not pushing up the daisies yet, so while she's kept us alive so far, but maybe she could be doing a better job.

A fun gift for your friend who seems to need a little more guidance than others to avoid hitting another pothole or making another wrong turn on her life path.

One pair of socks. Colorfully printed with guardian angel in the cloud design; white, light blue, yellow, and red. Cotton, nylon, spandex. Women's shoe size 5-10. Our I Think My Guardian Angel Drinks Socks are heaven sent!

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