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Jackalope Nodder

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Deer antlered bun-buns, we love you 🐰🦌

The fabled Jackalope exists in the space which lies between the not yet, and the no longer. Aptly named, this legendary creature has the body of a jackrabbit and the antlers of an antelope. These blood-thirsty cuties, mentioned in many hare-raising tall tales of American folklore, have a reputation for goring hunters, taunting cowboys, and being enticed by whiskey. Quite the spirit animal, eh?

  • Jackalope Nodder
  • Hare to remind you that sometimes the truth is not literal and exists in the liminal spaces between things.
  • This bobblehead is made of hard-plastic vinyl and measures approximately 5.75 inches tall.
  • This elusive horned hare is a fabulous collectible for the cryptozoology inclined.
  • A unique gift and fun apparatus for your dashboard or desk!

Vinyl. Adhesive base included. Illustrated box measures approximately 6 inches long x 3 inches wide x 3 inches deep.