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Jesus Heads Into Heaven Water Toss Game

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Toss, Toss, Tossin' on Heaven's Door ⛅😇☁️

Okay, so technically the gates are wide open for the Lord and Savior, but our homeboy Jesus needs some saving this time! The stairway to heaven seems to be out of commission so he needs a gentle toss to get him back to his front door.|
  • Jesus Heads into Heaven Water Toss Game
  • Heaven can't help us now - Jesus needs your assistance getting him safely home!
  • Repeatedly push the button to send tiny Jesuses, along with some spare halos, back through the pearly gates!
  • Fun, pocket-sized game comes with clip to attach to your bag for easy access.
  • A hilarious Christmas gift and stocking stuffer to help celebrate his birthday!
  • Made in the USA!

Our Jesus Heads into Heaven Water Toss Game is a fun mashup of nostalgia and religious humor, creating a truly habit-forming game that would have been surely confiscated by the nuns during Sunday school.

This hilariously unorthodox ring toss game measures approximately 2.5 inches wide x 3 inches tall. The Jesus Heads into Heaven Water Toss Game cardboard hangtag measures approximately 6 inches long x 3 inches wide.