Giant Boxing Kangaroo Sprinkler

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Your mates will get a kick out of this party animal! 💢 🦘

Don't forget to invite Joey to your next summer get-together, he's super cool! Just position yourself Down Under the water spraying from our Giant Boxing Kangaroo Sprinkler, and let the fun begin!

Now, for some reason, this sizable fella is on the warpath. We're not entirely sure why, but rumor has it he heard what you said about his mom, and he's ready to knock you into the next school year. So, you'd better watch your back cuz Kangaroo Jack is on the attack.

  • Giant Boxing Kangaroo Sprinkler
  • Get ready for a friendly match, with a mighty splash!
  • This surly inflatable mate stands 5 feet tall!
  • Sure to be a hit at the next party, because, well, he bounces back when you bop 'em!
  • Features a 360-degree spinning soaker on his hothead and two fists of water fury to add to the punches of fun! There are water sprayers in each boxing glove to keep the fight interesting!
  • Essential to keep the crowds busy while you put the shrimp on the barbie.
  • A knockout gift for kangaroo lovers!

 Break him out for birthday parties, family reunions, or any day you're feeling a little hot under the collar!

Inflatable kangaroo sprinkler with weighted base. Includes two stakes for securing it to the ground. Connects to any standard garden hose. Measures approximately 45 inches deep x 30 inches wide x 65 inches tall when inflated. Our Giant Boxing Kangaroo Sprinkler by Big Mouth is the raining champion of summer fun!

BigMouth Toys - Giant Boxing Kangaroo Sprinkler

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