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Lemon Powered Clock Experiment Stem Kit

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Clock!

Grab a Lemon Powered Clock Experiment Stem Kit, because who needs regular, boring batteries when you can tap into the electrifying power of citrus!

Ever wondered what lemons do in their spare time? They power up digital clocks, of course! Squeeze yourself into the zesty world of science and teach the kiddos about the magic of oxidation/reduction reactions!

What’s included:

  • Zinc and Copper plates: The star players that'll team up with your lemon.
  • Wires: To get the zingy current flowing!
  • A digital clock: To showcase the lemony wonder.
  • Lemon not included! 🍋 (Because let’s face it, we can't squeeze everything into one box)

Perfect for kids aged 5 and up. Whether it's for a science fair, a weekend activity, or to prove to grandma that lemons have secret powers, the Lemon Powered Clock Experiment Stem Kit is your zesty companion. Proudly accredited by STEM ensuring your child is getting the most educational squeeze out of their citrusy science experiment.