Make A Wish Dandelion Necklace

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Immortalize a wish!

As kids we'd all run around the yard picking dandelions and blowing the tops off while making a wish! Did our childhood dreams from wishing on those dandelions come true? Maybe... but we'll never tell you what we wished for!

Folklore states that blowing on a dandelion will carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved one... Okay, but we'll still use it to wish for concert tickets and a vacation on occasion!

Our Dandelion Wish Necklace contains a real dandelion wishing seed encased in solid glass. No matter how big or small your wish is, you can make one and keep it close to your heart at all times!

Whether you're wishing for love, happiness, world peace or for your 40 year old brother to move out of your parents' house... YOUR wish is for YOU to decide!

A thoughtful gift to show someone you love that you wish the best for them!

Smooth solid glass pendent measures 1 inch long x .5 inch deep. Silver zinc alloy necklace chain measures 20 inches long.

Make a wish!

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