Make Your Co-Workers Hate You Nail Clipper Pen

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Best office gift ever!

Our Make Your Co-Workers Hate You Pen is guaranteed to gross out people around you! Not only can you write with the fully functional pen but you can turn it around and clip or file those unsightly finger or toe nails.

What is destined to be the White Elephant gift of all time, the Flip N' Clip Pen will always be with you. Someone asks to borrow you pen? Pull it out and they'll just give you a look and walk away. Your boss is always telling you to multi-task more often? Pull it out in a meeting and start trimming those toe nails.

  • Best WORST gift ever!
  • Nobody will bother ever go near you again
  • Peaks your multi-tasking and productivity in meetings to 150%

Our exclusive Make Your Co-Workers Hate You Pen comes with nail clipper and built-in nail file! Easily store it in your pocket or purse for that quick grooming session while taking notes.


  • You will lose friends!
  • You may lose your job!
  • HR will start requiring closed toe shoes in the office!
  • Don't even think about doing this in a library!

Pick your favorite color and become the most hated person in the office!

Perpetual Kid Exclusives - Make Your Co-Workers Hate You Nail Clipper Pen

Customer Reviews

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Helene T.
Nail Clipper Pen

The pen is fantastic. You can complete your office assignments and keep your nails in top shape. The colors of the pens are vibrant and easy to spot in your office supply collection. Thank you for a versatile tool that writes and trims in a compact mode.

Tanya B.
Super Hero PEN Has Arrived!!!

Ever have an issue w/ people taking your pen? Well now you can finally have a little piece of mind w/ this pen purchase. I firmly believe you’ll never EVER have someone run on w/ your work Pen again. Plus, it’s a nail clipper too!! What. Drop the MC.

Christy M.
For the man who has everything

My boyfriend loves his nail clippers. They are everywhere. He also loves jotting notes and doing his finances by hand (ewww). So I knew he needed this for the simple fact it’s two of his most used and loved objects in one. He also thinks I’m silly/ obviously I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see the look on his face when presented with this nuts combo. 🤣

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