Memory Mayhem Game

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The mind-bending multitasking game!

While it may look deceivingly like an innocent child's game, with bright colors and pictures, our Memory Mayhem Game is not as simple as it appears! It is a quick-thinking, fast-paced, multitasking game that will really put your recall skills to the test. A challenging game of naming and remembering (oh, boy!) it's time to start exercising those neurons!

  • Memory Mayhem Game
  • Remember the pictures... make a mental note of the colors... and don't forget the numbers! But first, you have to answer the question, all against the clock!
  • The game includes 36 memory cards, 80 question cards, dice, and a sand timer.
  • It's a fast-paced, fun, and challenging game, especially for folks (such as ourselves) who frequently forget even why they walked into the other room!
  • A fun choice for family game night, or dare to turn it into a drinking game!

Simple set-up 

  • Grab a pen and paper to keep score. (each memory card won = 1 pt for the team)
  • Split into two teams or play 1 vs 1 if there are only 2 of you.
  • Shuffle the memory cards and place 9 memory cards face down on the table in a 3 card x 3 card grid.
  • Shuffle the question cards and decide which side to play with (black or red).
  • Place the question cards, sand timer, and dice on the table.
  • Then, choose a player from each team to do 'rock, paper, scissors' to decide who goes first.

 So how do you play?

  • The chosen one then flips all 9 cards over. At which point the timer is flipped, and each team has 30 seconds to memorize.
  • Then at the end of :30 flip the cards back over, and let the memory mayhem begin!
  • Team 2 must ask team 1 a question and flip the timer. (Example question card: Name 4 fruits beginning with "p")
  • If the timer runs out before enough correct answers are given, team 1's turn is over!
  • But... if team 1 answered the question correctly they get to roll the dice! (The dice will tell players what elements they need to recall from the memory cards. (number, object, color) or they may roll a free play, triple trouble, or be instructed to roll again.)
  • If team 1 identifies correctly, they can guess another until they give a wrong answer or the timer runs out. (For example the nice rolls on "number" they need to say which card has which number on it - like bottom right is #2.)
  • If they get it right, the card remains flipped over, if they're incorrect, the card gets flipped back over, and their turn ends.
  • Play continues until all 9 cards have been been won, then a new round begins.
  • It's played the same way but with 9 new memory cards.

But wait, how do you win?

The Memory Mayhem Masters are the team that has the most points after 3 rounds have been played! Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. Or is it!? Muhhahaha.

Recommended for ages 12 and up. For 2 or more players. This exciting card game measures approximately 3.5 inches wide x 7 inches long w x 3.5 inches tall. Our Memory Mayhem Game is a terrific birthday gift or stocking stuffer!

Ginger Fox - Memory Mayhem Game

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