Mermaid's Tear Drop Pendant Necklace

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Color: Turquoise Mist
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We're so shore you'll love our Mermaid's Tear Drop Pendant Necklace, we'll even bet you a sand dollar! It's guaranteed to make a Splash, but grab your Tom Hankies, for it's tale of forbidden love.

Legend has it, that mermaids have the ability to control the elements, and change the course of nature. But their mean old boss Neptune (AKA the God of the Sea and the tall dude with the trident from the 80's classic Clash of the Titans - you know, the one with Medusa the chick with snakes for hair) anyway, he forbid them from using these kick ass powers. So, as the story goes one of the mermaids fell in love with a handsome captain. When a raging storm struck and threatened to capsize their ship, she calmed the seas to save the life of her dream boat. Well, just when you thought your boss was bad - nope. He banished her to the bottom of the sea never to come to the surface again. What a son of a beach.

While the heartbroken and sobbing mermaid continues to be forbidden to visit the surface, living in the depths of the sea, her tears are said to wash ashore. It is further believed that the color of the tears a mermaid sheds match the color of her fin.

Welp! We warned you! It's a sad tale, but a beautiful necklace! For shore a beachin' gift for your favorite sea-fairing maiden or downright sexy siren.

One tear drop shaped glass pendant made from beach sand. Choose between blue or yellow. Zinc alloy snake chain measures approximately 17.5 inches long. Our Mermaid's Tear Drop Pendant Necklace is a thoughtful gift for the mermaid obsessed.


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