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Middle Child Mints

Archie McPheeSKU: MINT-2662

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Middle Child Mints: Cheaper than therap.y

Our Middle Child Mints are tangible proof that we didn't forget you in the penguin house at the Pittsburgh Zoo (true story- thanks dad!) We promise these are not just the mints left over when we made our other mints! These mints are totally as good as any other mint and a perfect sweet distraction from being ignored or having your accomplishments diminished.

This is the perfect gift to give a child to apologize for forgetting to pick them up from soccer practice a couple of times. Put them in your pocket, and forget about them.

Tin of mints measures approximately 3.15 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x .5 inch. Contains .85 oz. of mints.

Archie McPhee - Middle Child Mints

Customer Reviews

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Kaitlin O.B.
A MUST have for that sassy middle child in the family.

I saw these online and IMMEDIATELY put them in my cart!!! I come from a big family and of course have a cousin that is a middle child who I buy Christmas gifts and has a Christmas birthday on top of it! The pun on the tin is perfection. It's simple yet straight to the point and only a middle child would appreciate this gift! Looks awesome and well made when I got them in the mail. No idea what they taste like since I'll be giving them away. Who doesn't like mints? Even if you don't, what a great conversation starter to have in your purse or pocket! They definitely nailed it. December can't come fast enough! Highly recommend!!

Holly A.
Great mints!

I bought these as part of my best friend's Christmas gift. We are both middle children and often joke about being the forgotten ones.
I can't speak to how they taste since I thought it would be tacky to break into them and sample them before giving them away, but the tin is fantastically cute. I love that it's metal and it's nice and sturdy.
Definitely recommended for the middle child in your life to make them feel just a bit less forgotten.

Norma B.
Middle children rule!

What every middle child needs!

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