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Mini Himalayan Rock Salt Mood Lamp

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Rainbows Rock!

Our adorably Mini Himalayan Rock Salt Mood Lamp is made from real salt and rotates through a rainbow of colors!

While standard Himalayan salt lamps glow orange (or pink), this mini-size mood lamp rotates through a full spectrum of colors, each associated with a different mood, emotion, or chakra to create feelings of tranquility and peace in any working or living space.

This kit includes a mini-size, color-changing Himalayan mood lamp made from real salt and a 32-page book with everything you need to know about salt lamps and the moods and meanings behind each color.

Lava lamps may be out, but Himalayan salt lamps are in, and they're taking mainstream culture by a metaphysical storm!

A fun gift for your crystal collecting pal! Due to their crystalline structure Himalayn Rock Salt assists in amplifying the energy around them, much like a quartz crystal, so you may just want to add these to your alter or shelf! Raise your vibration!

Includes one miniature lamp and book by Marlo Scrimizzi published by Running Press. Requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included. Box measures approximately 2.2 inches x 3.2 inches x 4 inches. Unlike standard salt lamps that glow orange, our salt lamp will rotate through a rainbow of colors to suit every mood and bring some zen to any home, dorm room, or office. Our Mini Himalayan Rock Salt Mood Lamp is a fun travel size!