Mini Man Cave Desktop Kit

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Enter the Testoster-Zone!

Oh, yeah! Now every guy can have a tiny space to call his own with the Mini Man Cave Desktop Kit! A place were burping, farting, yelling at TV and housing the world's most ugly but comfortable furniture known to mankind.

Included in this manly man's kit are:

  • A three-paneled desktop “cave” to kick back and relax in
  • The quintessential mini Lazy-Boy-like easy chair recliner
  • 3 inch x 4 inch fuzzy bear rug to warm your fingers on
  • Mounted mini deer antlers
  • 32-page guide to your Mini Man Cave
  • Cling sticker sheet with various manly wall art to decorate the cave

Guys of all ages will enjoy letting their inner man-child decorate the walls however they damn well please with the cling on stickers provided! They're just like the Colorforms that you would play with as a child! They can be positioned, and re-positioned over and over again whenever the mood strikes! Includes such gems as:

  • Faux Sports Illustrated swimsuit poster
  • Neon beer sign
  • Sports pennant
  • Dart board
  • Toxic Gas crossing sign
  • and more!

It's everything your favorite dude may need to feel like they have their very own tiny space to let loose and be themselves without fear of judgement! It's a great gift for use within the stiff confines of the office cubicle! Heck, it's travel size so they can bro it up on the go!

Kit includes a mini book, along with essentials for your Mini Man Cave! Included is a stand-up desktop “cave”, fuzzy faux-fur bear rug, mini easy chair; and various removable cling stickers with decorating options. Box measures approximately 3 x 1.9 x 3.4 inches. It's the perfect size for a stocking stuffer! Our Mini Man Cave Desktop Kit is a Running Press Miniature Edition.

Running Press - Mini Man Cave Desktop Kit


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