Moist Say Anything Mug

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We love moist cake!

Our delicately worded Moist Say Anything Mug will without a doubt cause a deeply visceral and guttural reaction in those with word sensitivities.

For they would argue that this particular "Say Anything Mug should really be called a please Say Anything BUT THAT Mug.

In case you're not in the know, there is a sizable portion of the population that has a strong aversion to the word moist. Now we're not 100% sure why... but it may have to do with the word association with this particular adjective - conjuring up anything but an innocent delicious chocolate cake, instead of delving into the realm of body functions, and the like. For this is the same population that is likely repulsed by the word crevice.

Moving on... their intense discomfort and revulsion upon hearing this word, may also have something to do with the facial expression made whilst mouthing this word. It's, as they say icky, gross, and "I have to go vomit."

Sit back and relax while making the rest of the room uncomfortable with the offensive word that will send innocent loved ones running out of the room.

A vulgar gift for some, a delightfully agitating prop for others!

White porcelain mug with fresh colorful graphics. Holds a generous 16 oz of coffee, tea, or whatever you please! Due to the gold letting this mug is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. Hey, it's the price you pay for looking so fancy! Measures approximately 4 inches wide x 4.25 inches tall x 5.25 inches long. Comes in an open, gift-worthy box. Designed by Fred Studio. Our Moist Say Anything Mug is a flowery expression of contempt.

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