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Nailed It! Through The Finger Halloween Ring

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Nailed It! D'oh!

Our disturbing through the finger ring will have them spilling over with laughter, screams, and possibly vomit!

If you're looking to drive home the that you love Halloween and scaring the bejeezuz out of people, this ring will surely hammer home the message!

This sturdy ring is fashioned to look like you were unfortunate enough to have a nail driven through your finger.

Now, you'll have to get creative with the blood effect - we're pretty sure any ole red sharpie, lip pencil, or packet of ketchup will do!

If you're an old-school fan of that wild and crazy guy, Steve Martin, you'll totally appreciate the timeless humor of this ring! It's sturdy and built to last, so this can be passed on for generations to come, so give them a little bit of insight into what kinda whackos are in their lineage.

Includes one ring. Adjustable. Made of silver zinc alloy. Does not come with blood effect. A spooky gift for your prank or Halloween obsessed pal, our Nailed It! Through The Finger Ring is prank with longevity!