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The Original Wiz-z-zer

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Go on, take it for a spin

The Original Wiz-z-zer is back and it's ready to shred the competition! Step aside Beyblades there's a new sheriff in town!

You can't expect your mom to hold on to you all of your old toys! So, if you've been looking to relive some awesome childhood memories, this toy is tops!

Instructions include directions on how to hold Wiz-z-zer and start it spinning as well as how to pull off cool tricks.

  • Step 1
    • Hold Wiz-z-zer with SIDE of starting tip pressed against floor. Metal tip should NOT be straight down. Do not use the metal tipo to start Wiz-z-zer.
  • Step 2
    • Roll Wiz-zer along floor, moving it in a half-circle in front of you, increase speed as you go, keeping the side tip in contact with the floor. A long accelerated motion will make Wiz-z-zer spin very fast. Short repeated swipes give less speed and more trick control. The longer the "wind-up", the faster Wiz-zer can go. Rev to a maximum speed of 10,000 RPMs!
  • Step 3
    • Set Wiz-z-zer on its tip, let go quickly, and watch it spin. Practice starting Wiz-z-zer a few times before trying the tricks!


  • Balance on your finger
  • Stair Skip
  • Big Circle Spin
  • Circle Spin to Standing
  • Target Spin
  • Tight Rope Walk
  • Defy Gravity

It's fun, it's fast! It's the World's Whirler! Use the trick stand and trick tips to do a trillion tricks! A fun and exciting retro toy gift to share with nephews, nieces, grandkids, or your own kids!

Includes one Wizzzer spinning top. Styles vary. Measures approximately 2.8 inches x 2 inches. The Original Wiz-z-zer is a fun stocking stuffer!