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Out To Lunch Reusable Lunch Bag

by Fred

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Classic take-out bag vibe!

Our Out To Lunch Reusable Lunch Bag screams THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU... Now enjoy YOUR lunch, not mine!

Humorously styled after the ever-recognizable classic take-out plastic bag, our unique Out To Lunch Reusable Lunch Bag offers a touch of familiarity, good memories of delivery food gone by and a lot much more insulation than its landfill dodging cousin.

Made of uber-strong synthetic paper with a strong magnetic closure, it's well insulated to keep the chill in your cheese sandwich or Capri Sun. So bring your own lunch with you again and save your lunch money for happy hour!

Insulated, synthetic paper with strong magnetic closure. Packed in a colorful box. Thank you for reducing and reusing!