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Pass The Ass Game

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Get a load of this cheeky little game.

Loaded with rip-roaring excitement, our Pass the Gas multi-player card game is begging to get the party sharted! Simply spin the toilet roll, take an alpha card and squeeze the tattooed bum cheek to begin! Easy right? Wrong! Who knows when you'll get caught short and soil your pants!

  • Pass The Ass Game
  • A cheeky little card game for fans of potty humor!
  • Includes a plush tattooed ass timer, 54 alpha cards, and 8 categories to choose from, such as food, films, tv shows, famous people, animals, countries, and more!
  • Prepare to learn who's full of gas and who can produce the goods!
  • It's a fun gift idea for the Master Blaster or frequent farter.

Get the party sharted with some fast-paced farting action! How to play:

1. Start with a clean set of underpants.
2. Spin the toilet roll to select a category.
3. Select an alpha card.
4. Give the bottom a little squeeze to start the timer.
5. On your turn, say a word that matches the category and letter.
7. Got caught short? You've soiled your pants!

Pass the Ass card game box measures approximately 10 inches long 5 inches tall x 3.7 inches tall. Remember, never trust a fart!