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Pencils For Grammar Police

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Your annoying

Our official Grammar Police Pencils are perfect for the corrector and the corrected. Whether it's at home, the office or most likely on social media... people just can't seem to use words correctly. Stop silently correcting when you can hand them a pencil showing the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE!

Welcome to the grammar club, smarty pants. But as a club member, you now have to quit whining about other people’s grammatical errors. Trust me on this point, you're still making some..

  • Punctuation saves lives
  • 8-pack of standard No. 2 Pencils
  • Witty and fun pencils to use and hand out
  • Perfect gift for anyone silently correcting you

8 standard #2 pencils with erasers. Official Grammar Police Pencils. To serve and correct.