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Good dog!

Our Pick a Pup Doggy Memo Tabs are the cutest way to mark your territory! (Without there being pee involved. That just wrecks pages, dontcha know!)

These bandanna-clad pups are sporting their best puppy attire in hopes you'll take them all home with you! And work, and to the store, and to school. They'll be happy to follow you around like a love-struck puppy.

They're an adorable gift and lovely for marking up homework, magazines, & books or using to pen sweet reminders in lunchboxes.

100 sticky tabs (25 of each of the 4 puppy designs) These puppy sticky memos are packaged in an adorable box with a fragile - handle with care warning. Package measures approximately 4.75 inches long x 3 inches tall. Our Pick a Pup Doggy Memo Tabs are just begging for a new home!

Streamline - Pick a Pup Doggy Memo Tabs

Customer Reviews

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Rene' C.M.

Great Item! Really Cute!

Bryan R.

Post-it notes now just seem boring. No matter how many colors they can come in. These days it's more about adding. a personal touch to things. Be it a workspace or home. These are perfect for such a thing. 5/5 Would Pick a Pup again.

Brenda S.
Love my Purchases that made my Day!!

My little Pup Doggy Memo tabs make me smile whenever I look at their little faces. It will make me smile at work when I use them to remind me or my boss where to look for something. Why not make your Job happier by using things to make you smile! I know that I will always be a "Perpetual Kid" at heart even though I will soon be 70 years young. Thank you for caring such great and unique items.

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