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Drink Up! Eureka Pinball Drinking Game

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Do you dare to drink up? 🍺😉

Ready to party-take in some fun? Our portable Pinball Drinking Game will leave you giggling and likely spinning like those little pinballs you're so happy to shoot in pursuit of good times and a pending hangover! Will you need to answer a question? Do a dare? Drink up? You won't know until you take it for a spin!

  • Drink Up! Eureka Pinball Drinking Game
  • A boozy take on a beloved retro handheld game!
  • The game starts with the tallest person in the group.
  • The first player shoots one pinball into the chamber. Wherever the ball lands, the player must complete this action.
  • If the pinball lands on 'Designate Drink', they must choose one other player to drink. If the pinball lands in the safe zone, the player is extremely lucky and takes no action.
  • Once the player's turn is complete, they must pass the pinball machine to the next player in a clockwise direction.

An awesome gift and stocking stuffer for your drinking buddies!

Measures approximately 8.5 inches tall x 5 inches wide. Have fun! Recommended for adult use only. Please drink responsibly.