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Pooping Garden Gnome

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Tiptoe (carefully) through the tulips 🌷💩🌷

Awww, sh*t! Our mischievous Pooping Garden Gnome may have taken his passion for gardening a step too far. It's no secret that gardens need fertilizer, but he's really putting his backside into it. He's genuinely defecated to his job.

  • Pooping Garden Gnome
  • A poo-fessional DIY gardener, this gnome is hard at work making a personal pile of mini man-ure, to fertilize your garden.
  • Durably made for outdoor or indoor use, he'll never end up in the compost pile!
  • This doodie-full gardener stands (or rather squats) at about 9 inches tall.
  • A fun gift for gnome lovers and appreciators of crude potty humor.

A hilarious addition to your home or garden! HOA approved? Nahh... Butt doo you really care? The neighborhood Karens will just have to face the warm squishy facts that you just don't give a crap.

Constructed of poly cast resin for outdoor or indoor use all year round. Measures approximately 6 inches wide x 9 inches tall. Our Pooping Garden Gnome is our #2 favorite lawn ornament!

Kwirkworks: Pooping Garden Gnome