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Pot Leaf Bandages

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We did it! These bandages are legal in all 50 states!

Our smokin' hot Pot Leaf Bandages are ganja make sure you don't have a bud time. Let us be blunt, with all the medicinal properties that scientists keep finding connected to marijuana, it's only a matter of time before a Pot Leaf Bandage is healing a scrape or cut!

Each bandage features a super happy pot leaf who just wants to chill out on your boo-boo. Great for legalize it friends or weed enthusiasts. Also great for camping, picnics, concerts and more! Apply bandage and say, "It's all good", over and over again.

  • Merilize Leguana!
  • Great for scrapes and cuts
  • 18 fun bandages

Includes 18 sterile bandages, that are die-cut in the shape of marijuana leaves. Each bandage measures approximately 1.2 inches tall x 1.75 inches wide. The packaging measures approximately 2.75 inches wide x 5 inches tall x 1.25 inch deep. Our Gama-Go Pot Leaf Bandages are dope.