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Ramen Doodles Eraser + Sharpener Set

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Our deliciously fun Ramen Doodles Eraser + Sharpener Set by Fred is so cute we could just slurp it on up!

If you're noodling around for an idea for a gift idea for a college student, and udon know what to get, look no further! It's also a ramen-tic gift for foodies, and that's pho sure! And if you really want to impress the ramen lover in your life, serve it up with a side of our Ramen Noodles Sticky Notes!

The noodles and eggs are all one gigantic eraser! The authentic soup bowl cleverly disguises a pencil sharpener.

Now, if you're like us - you may use your eraser minimally and save it for future generations, like our Hello Kitty eraser collection currently sitting our on desk.

Pencil sharpener + eraser set for ramen loving foodies. Brand new for Fall 2018 our Ramen Doodles Eraser + Sharpener Set was cleverly designed by Fred and Friends.