Raw Genuine Fluorite Positive Energy Crystal Necklace

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Our intuition is telling us that you'll love our Raw Genuine Fluorite Crystal Necklace!

Known as a stone of protection and peace, it's thought to absorb negative energies and aids in reducing stress. (Basically, don't leave home without it!) A powerful grounding stone, fluorite carries rich colors of purple, blue, green, yellow hues, and is also believed to improve mental clarity and help with decision making.

Each stone is hand selected and left untreated in its natural state, therefore the shape and coloring of the stone you will receive is totally unique. This cleansing + stabilizing stone is then hand wrapped in golden metal to dangle close to your heart chakra and throat chakras for extra healing powers.

Genuine raw fluorite pendant varies in size, each measures roughly 1.5 inches long x .5 inch wide. Wrapped and hung with golden zinc alloy, the chain measures approximately 17.75 inches long with a 2-inch long extender piece. Our Raw Genuine Fluorite Positive Energy Crystal Necklace is positively our favorite!


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