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FREE SHIPPING today on orders of $75+

Reboot Red Wellies Phone Stand

by Fred

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Keep your phone out of the muck

Keep your phone high & dry with our adorable Reboot Red Wellies Phone Stand!

This charming pair of red, rubbery wellies is perfectly designed to cradle your phone and keep it upright for charging or streaming rainy day movies. No need to worry about being knee deep in BS emails when you have these sh*t kickers in place! It's a sensible gift, for a sensible guy or gal. So, if the boot fits....

But hey, we don't blame you if you want to keep this nifty phone stand all to yourself! It will help keep your phone out of puddles of condensation on the bar, or just as a super cute place to prop your phone while you're at work, so you don't have to keep reaching into your purse to check to check to see if you have any new messages - it will be as clear as day in plain view!

One smartphone stand designed to resemble a pair of red rain boots. Made of sturdy silicone rubber and packaged in a clear, recyclable, box. Measures approximately 2.5 inches wide x 2 inches tall x 1.69 inches long. Designed by Fred Studio. Our Reboot Red Wellies Phone Stand will keep your phone out of the muck.