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Remote Control Fart Machine

by NPW

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Revenge is best served cold, and from a safe distance!

Let the good times rip, as you separate yourself from the scene of the crime-of-the-behind with our Remote Control Fart Machine! They won't know who to blame! In fact the only thing that will give you away is your own impish grin while you attempt to control your laughter, while controlling this slealthy butt trumpet.

  • Battery-operated, odorless sound machine operated by remote control
  • Nine of the finest quality farts capture for your listening pleasure!
  • Long and loud or low and slow, we've got you covered!

Hide it under the bathroom sink, to embarrass unsuspecting house guests, dates, and grandmas! Stash it under the desk at work to prank your co-worker and rival. Sneak it under the dinner table to irritate your mom or embarrass your date. Slip it between the cushions in the backseat of your card so you can blame it on the dog, or the kids! The possibilities are endless!

Includes 1 sound machine and 1 remote. Speaker requires 3 x AAA batteries, not included. The remote control is supplied with 3 x LR44. A fun prank on April Fool's Day, our Remote Control Fart Machine is a hilarious gag gift, for any occassion, any time of the year!