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Renaissance Kitty Air Freshener

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Purr-fume scented by her royal cat'ness

Quite frankly, our Renaissance Kitty Air Freshener does not find your stinky car one bit amusing! While she gracefully holds her breath, awaiting her fresh Tudor rose scent to extinguish the foulest of orders wafting about your vehicle, allow her majesty to serve as ins-purr-ation during your commute.

Purr-fume scented by her royal cat'ness her tiny four and a quarter inch stature will totally rules, and will force all offensive smells into submission. It liter'ally works like a charm.

A regal gift for the cat fanciers in your life. And while she's fit for a mews-eum it's at her pleasure to add a touch of class to that mess of your car, or maybe even your office or locker at school.... and that's just scratching the surface. Really, wherever you purr-fur.

Rose scented royal cat air heavy cardstock air freshener. Meowsures approximately 4.25 inches tall. Includes a string for hanging and batting around. For correct usage, hang this product so that it can swing freely. Our adorable Renaissance Kitty Air Freshener is so very sophisti-cat-ed.