Rubber Chicken Bandages

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From tears of pain to tears of laughter.

If laughter is the best medicine, then our Rubber Chicken Bandages are a cure for what ails you!*

Next time you impale yourself with an unwieldy object, don't run around like a chicken with your head cut off! These bandages will have you feeling like the cock of the walk in no time:

  • Fifteen 3 inch x 1 inch sterile, latex-free bandages
  • 3.75 inch tall reusable metal tin
  • Decorated with hilarious rubber chickens
  • Includes a free prize

Rubber Chicken Bandages are just the thing to bring a smile to your face after you skin your knee, get a papercut, or suffer from a boring hand. So, next time your friends dare you to do some thing a tiny bit dangerous, you'll have no reason to chicken out and flee the coop with these bandages on hand!

*We should make it clear that we aren’t claiming to cure any actual illness with laughter. We recommend doctors, science, and voodoo for that kind of thing, but these bandages will cover up a tiny wound and help it heal. However, your attitude can make a difference and these bandages will improve your mood.

15 blue sterile adhesive strips decorated rubber chickens come nestled inside a a 3.75 inch tall metal tin with a FREE PRIZE! Latex-free adhesive. A fun stocking stuffer or care package gift. Our Rubber Chicken Bandages are a great opening act to your recovery.

Archie McPhee - Rubber Chicken Bandages

Customer Reviews

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Tom M.

The experience, from order to delivery, was pleasant and easy. Thanks PK!

Roseann B.

Absolutely Fun

Laura G.
Fun for BooBoos

quality made and fun that shows your quirky side, bought these for my son for his work crew......... makes getting cuts an adventure

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