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Sassy Classy + Just A Little Bit Bad Assy Birthday Card

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The trick is balancing all three at the same time!

Our advisory Sassy, Classy + Just A Little Bit Bad Assy Birthday Card is right up our alley for birthday cards! It's not too hard to do, just keep all parts equal... not too much of them individually and the birthday is going to be awesome! Don't lose your shit!

We try to stay Sassy, Classy and Bad Assy all the time. It typically works... except when it doesn't, but it does 94% of the time. Wink. Channel your inner-Joan Jett!

Tip: Don't let the Bad Assy part later be referred to your breath in the stories of that epic night.

Front of card - Sassy, Classy and just a little bit bad Assy
Inside of card - Have THAT kind of birthday.

  • 100% post consumer recycled paper
  • VOC free vegetable-based vibra-color printing
  • Chlorine-free processing
  • Print and production is 100% solar
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Sassy, Classy + Just A Little Bit Bad Assy Birthday Card measures 5" x 7" with matching ARTvelope. Not only is all paper processed chlorine free, but it is Green-e certified and made with electricity generated from wind power. Not to be outdone, the envelope paper is produced from 80% reclaimed wheat straw, an agricultural by product. Proudly Made in the USA!