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Save The Drama For Your Llama Socks

by Unknown Vendor

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Our overly dramatic Save The Drama For Your Llama Socks are happy to point you in the direction of where to go with all of that spectacle producing soap opera type nonsense the drama llama is trying to conjure up.

You all have heard about the drama llama, right? Well, whatever you do DO NOT FEED THE LLAMA. The drama llama loves to chew on all the drama it can find, or it creates it out of thin air. It's basically a person who randomly throws their drama on others, in the same way a llama randomly spits. Gross.

You know that guy or girl that possesses the special gift to complain incessantly about anything and everything? Whether they're offended by your opinions, hair style, shoes, or the fact that you're breathing, leave it to the drama llama to wreak havoc on an otherwise carefree day.

Wear these amazing socks anytime you feel you may be stepping in the path of the drama llama. They'll provide added protection, as the drama llama never wants to be unmasked, so they'll shield themselves from your hilariously accusatory attire.

One pair of colorfully printed socks featuring the phrase "Save The Drama For Your Llama" along with a stylishly smug llama wearing a bandana and a matching beret. Cotton, nylon, spandex. Our Save The Drama For Your Llama Socks fits womens shoe size 5-10.