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Scratch Off Retro Caboodle Greeting Card

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Makeup your own scratch-off message!

Our iconic Scratch Off Caboodle Greeting Card is a totally awesome card to have on hand - you know just in case... *ba dum tss*

Seriously, though. It's totally customizable, and there's no text inside so it can be used on any occasion! That and the fact that's it's a freaking awesome rush of nostalgia for any 80's or 90's girl! A totally quick way to pull some bitchin' memories right to the foreground!

Besides, just imagine having this card on hand when your friend decides to leave her loser boyfriend. Narrator: She packed up all her gear, the whole kit and caboodle, and Walked Like an Egyptian, right out of his life. Celebrate good times! Come on, let's celebrate!

For those who may not have any idea what the heck a Caboodle is - it was just the quintessential make-up case of the 80's! And most likely sparked our obsession with organizing all of our favorite stuff in fun containers.

So! You're probably wondering about the details of the card, yeah?

  • Retro pink and aqua Caboodle make-up case design
  • Tri-fold card opens up (like the case is opening!) to reveal the realistic interior of the original plastic case we know and love
  • Features hair combs, blush brush, Bobbie pins, and (possibly frosted pink) lipstick, perfect nestled in their individual compartments
  • There's plenty of room to write messages!
  • And yes, we've saved the best for last...
  • The "mirror" is actually a scratch-off! OMG it's SO COOL! We're still totally geeking out
  • Just write your message in your best 80's bubbly font in the designated spot, and stick the scratch off "mirror" sticker over your secret note!

Perfect for celebrating important milestones like a Sweet 16 Birthday, packing your kid off to college, divorces, and more!

Includes one tri-folded card packaged in protective cello sleeve, with scratch off sticker. Measures approximately 5.5 inches wide x 4.25 inches tall. Made from sustainable sourced card stock with kraft envelope. Offset-printed. Our Caboodle Card is a total blast from the past! Made in the USA.