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Self-Therapy Note Pad

by Unknown Vendor

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Mental wellness is all the rage!

And while therapy is always a good idea, it's not nearly as convenient (or affordable!) as our DIY Self-Therapy Notepad! So you might as well keep this worksheet close at hand! Then the next time you're feeling bummed out, anxiety-ridden, or even well-adjusted, whip out this nifty notepad, and it will help guide you toward deeper self-knowledge (and never charge a copay!) Ommmm hell yeah!

  • Self-Therapy Nifty Note Pad
  • Have fun analyzing your psychodrama of the moment!
  • How do I feel about it? angry, scared, joyful, sad, cynical, powerless, persecuted, numb
  • How do I really feel? relieved, depressed, stressed, alienated, excited, envious, ashamed
  • This problem likely stems from: parent(s), inner child(ren), overthinking, doom-scrolling, brain chemistry, bad luck, no sex, sex, boundary issues, insomnia, and more!
  • List current and past related issues - then draw lines to connect current and past phenomena to achieve greater self-understanding
  • What it all means and breakthrough - provides space to draw conclusions and document epiphanies

60-sheet self-therapy worksheet note pad. It measures approximately 6 inches wide x 9 inches tall. Our Self-Therapy Note Pad is a fun + thoughtful gift idea for healers and feelers!