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Sloth Crystal Growing Pet

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Slow, like... how’s it growing dude?

If you enjoy living life in the slow lane, our Sloth Crystal Pet may be the perfect pet for you! A throwback activity from your childhood, this updated version features your spirit animal waiting for you to grow its forever home! Watch as over-time, glittering green crystals grow into a lush tropical tree and hiding spot for your stinkin' cute sloth buddy!

  • Assemble your 3D model tree complete with sloth chilling in the soon-to-be canopy
  • Using the dropper included add the provided solution to the branches of the tree
  • After a few hours emerald colored crystals will start to grow and take on the appearance of lush foliage
  • Sloths are cute mammals known for their slowness, so don't try to rush this activity
  • The crystals will continue to grow over the course of 12-36 hours

Watch in amazement as colorful crystals begin to sprout life! Pro Tip: Due to the crystals fragile nature, we’d suggest leaving this plant wherever you initially decide to "plant" it!

Includes one magical crystal growing kit. Minor assembly required. Packaged flat with crystal growing solution and pipette included. Gift box measures approximately 6 x 1.5 x 4.5 inches. Recommended for Ages 8+. Our Sloth Crystal Pet is a fun gift and STEM activity for kids!