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Social Anxiety Candle

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The warm glow of self-isolation

Embrace the sweet smell of relief, and celebrate your cancelled plans by basking in the warm glow of our Social Anxiety Candle!

Anyone with social anxiety knows that when we agreed to plans earlier, we were a totally different person back then, or maybe we just felt pressured and didn’t have our mental list of excuses in perfect working order. Whatever the case may be... this candle gets us!

  • Vodka Vitamin Water Scented
  • Candle Reads: Smells like a list of pre-planned excuses.
  • Are you kidding me I really did break my glass eye and set the waterbed on fire.
  • Avoid small talk, and give a hilariously sarcastic gift that addresses the blushing, avoidant, elephant in the room

What's that? The event is back on? Oh, I'm uh *cough* super sick.

Otherwise, I would TOTALLY go to your [insert any social event here]. You know how much I love mingling. It's just that I broke my glass eye again and then I set the waterbed on fire. Silly me, I know. We can catch up later this week... in text.

Our Social Anxiety Candle is handmade, which means no two are identical. So please don't question it's self-worth, okay? 17 oz. Burn time is approx. 60 hours.