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Sour Cream + Onion Candy Canes

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Can somebody give us a Christmas chive five? Don't leave us hanging!

But feel free to hang these off your X-mas tree! Our admittedly odd but strangely irresistible Sour Cream and Onion Candy Canes offer the finger-licking flavor of your fav party dip with none of the dipping! So, maybe this year, ditch the traditional cookies and leave some unconventional candies for Kris Pringle Kringle!

  • Sour Cream And Onion Candy Canes
  • This whacky gift set includes six full-size, green-and-yellow-striped candy canes that taste like a sweetened version of the beloved sour cream and onion party dip!
  • Hang them off your Christmas tree, or get your jollies grossing people out with this highly unusual candy flavor!
  • Eating these not only demonstrates the sophistication of your palette but is also a testament to your courage.
  • They're all that, minus the bag of chips

Set of 6 sour cream and onion flavored, green and yellow striped, individually shrink-wrapped candy canes. Each cane measures a standard 5.25 inches tall. The shrink-wrapped, illustrated box comes decorated with a crying-faced onion and a container of sour cream wearing a goofy smile. A fun + unexpected gag gift attackers of snacks!