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Stay Curious Retro Viewfinder Interactive Card

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This card will leave them reeling!

Childhood memories and adventure await within our awesome retro Stay Curious Retro Viewfinder Card!

This one of a kind die-cut greeting card is designed to be reminiscent of everyone's favorite view-master toy of your youth. It card will conjure up all sorts of nostalgic feelings, in addition to the excitement of receiving a physical card in the snail mail!

A fun 'just because' greeting appropriate for any time of the year!

  • Iconic stereoscopic 3-D toy design
  • Front copy: stay curious
  • Spin the wheel to reveal in-stereo high-vibin' feel-good greetings:
    • life's good
    • be you
    • stay true
    • nice view
    • good vibes
    • smile often
    • kick ass
    • stay lit
    • you rock

Includes one high quality petite die-cut card. Printed in full color and finished with a spinning wheel. The retro orange envelope compliments the classic baby blue of the interactive viewfinder card. Our Stay Curious Retro Viewfinder Card fits inside its standard sized USPS friendly envelope measuring approximately 5 inches long x 3.5 inches wide.