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Stick It! Prank Sticker Pack Set B

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60 MORE Tricky Stickers! ✨

Enjoy our original Praink Sticker Pack? Now you can continue to Stick It! to your friend and family with our hilarious Prank Sticker Pack Set B! Because the first set was so much fun.

  • Stick It! Prank Sticker Pack Set B
  • Includes 60 unique stickers on two sheets, with gems such as:
  • Free 2 oz packet of Crazy Ants Inside!, Random 23 Ingredients, Rich Gravy Scent,Drunk Faster Formula, Only legal in: Nowhere, and more!
  • Prank your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers with your truly unbelievable marketing skills!
  • Printed in the USA!

60 prank-tastic stickers. Includes 2 sheets of 30 unique stickers of various sizes in a package measuring 9.5 inches tall x 5 inches wide. WARNING Packaging has sharp corners! Open carefully so you do not poke your eye out.

Not intended for use underwater or for the purposes of being torched by flame.