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Stinky Damp Dog Funny Smells Incense Sticks

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Mmm! Wet dog... my favorite! [said no one ever] 🐕💦

Dogs. You've got to love them. I mean, really what's not to adore? Other than their odor, that is. Butt, they can't help that they stink. In fact, it looks like they mighty enjoy it, with all that butt-sniffing and all. So the burden to de-funk is on you! We pass you the baton - err, sticks. Twenty of them, which smell way better than your soggy doggy!

  • Stinky Damp Dog Funny Smells Fragrance Sticks
  • Freshen up your doghouse from that wet pup smell!
  • Just like doggos - these sticks like to travel in a pack.
  • Each pack houses 20 scented sticks fragranced with the fetching aroma of cardamon patchouli, and cedar wood.
  • Each stick is made in India from sustainable bamboo and has a burn time of around 45 minutes, giving the pack a total burn time of approximately 15 hours.
  • A ruh-roh-ious gift for dog lovers!

One pack of 20 Fair Trade incense sticks. Made in India, the sticks are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free, and made from blended botanicals, including flowers, herbs, and resins, before being infused with aromatherapy oils. Box measures approximately 10.8 inches long x 3 inches wide. The utterly biodegradable packaging is designed and printed in the UK.