Tardigrade Air Freshener

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Water Bear, Don't Care

Our irresistible Tardigrade Air Freshener is the micro Spirit Animal of resilience!

Truly an inspiration, tardigrades, also lovingly known as water bears or moss piglets, can tolerate any kind of seemingly impossible situation thrown their way! Which is exactly why they can survive within the impossible funk trapped in your car.

Celebrate the minor celebrity status of the Tardigrade while making your cars a bit more tolerable!

  • Honey I blew up the Tardigrade!
  • The cutest microscopic animal
  • Tardigrade air-freshener stands an impressive 4.75 inches tall
  • Smells like green apple

They’re actually a phylum of tiny segmented organisms with eight legs, but SQUEEE! As you can probably imagine, after being around for 530 million years, they’ve developed quite a fan following.

Want to know more about these microscopic bundles of awesomeness? These pudgy heroes...

  • Can survive in boiling water
  • Can survive in solid ice
  • Can live for 10 years without water
  • Thrive under pressure or the lack of it
  • Can survive space radiation
  • Are the only animal who has been and returned from space

An oddly strange but thoughtful gift! Let someone know that your love for them is like a tardigarde... it could withstand the vacuum, radiation of outer space, and the test of time!

Includes one Green Apple scented Tardigrade Air Freshener. Measures approximately 4.75 inches long. String for hanging included. For correct usage, hang this product so that it can swing freely. Do not put this product in contact with plastic, wood, cloth or any other easily stained material. Do not rest this product on dashboard or air vents. A fun white elephant gift exchange present! Channel the power of the Tardigrade Air Freshener while stuck in traffic or at work!

Archie McPhee - Tardigrade Air Freshener


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kassie d.
Boss air freshener

Smells like green apple, bigger than most car air fresheners.

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