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Tardigrade Night Light

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Sweet dreams! This little moss piglet has got your back!

Introducing our Tardigrade Night Light! Now you can rest easy knowing that an adorable 8-legged creature is guarding your dreams! Tardigrades, otherwise known as ‘water bears’ have been around since before the dinosaurs and can survive in extreme conditions - so you know they will protect your slumber with their pudgy little lives.

Not only does this handsome little fella sit proudly like a work of art, but its ceramic body glows a reassuring green at night. In other words, even though you might be sleeping in your bed, you can rest safely knowing that this tiny moss piglet is watching over you all night long!

Moreover, this generous little water bear is much bigger than its real-life counterpart- so there is no need to whip out your microscope! Measuring over 4 inches long, it also comes with two replaceable LR44 batteries so you can enjoy your little nocturnal guardian as many nights as you wish!

Adopt one today and bid farewell to sleepless nights, knowing that nature has got your back with the Tardigrade Night Light! Now go ahead, take some comfort knowing that this friendly micro-animal sent from the stars has your back – through the night and beyond!

Ceramic. Battery operated. Two LR44 batteries included. Measures approximately 4 inches long x 2.5 inches tall.