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Teeny-Tiny Record Turntable

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Includes 3 Mini-LPs to Play!

Let those records spin with the Teeny-Tiny Record Turntable! While your record collection is miles away at home, this retro-style kit adds a bit of vintage vinyl charm to any home or office!

This nostalgia inducing kit includes a little something for most musical tastes!:

  • Miniature record player, with liftable lid and movable arm
  • 3 miniature records
  • Each tiny record plays 30 seconds of music in a distinct genre and comes with a corresponding sleeve
  • Simply raise the hinged lid, place a record down on the platter, spin, and the music will play.
  • Classic Rock, Jazz, and Soul/Funk
  • Printed stickers to decorate records and sleeves.
  • 32-page miniature book full of fun facts about the rise of records

Bring the nostalgic joy of vinyl to your home or office with the Teeny-Tiny Turntable, a mini record player that plays 3 different tracks! This kit brings the joy of the turntable to the legions of devoted vinyl fans, from classic collectors to hip young audiophiles!

This bite size kit includes a tiny record player, 3 miniature records, stickers, and a tiny information book on the history of records. It is an awesome gift for record collectors, DJ's and music lovers! It's a fun stocking stuffer for any vinyl loving person! Our Teeny-Tiny Record Turntable measures approximately 3 inches x 2 inches x 4 inches.