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The Office Answer Wheel Decision Maker

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It's all fun and games, until... jk! it's all fun and games!

Are you looking for an entertaining way to boost office morale? Our no-brainer Office Answer Wheel is the clear winner! It will make all of thinky-think brainwork out of the equation, with the spin of the wheel!

Featuring a familiar design inspired by an iconic prize wheel, this fun white elephant desktop gift includes a mini spinning answer wheel with a sarcastic twist—the perfect desktop companion for your home or office. Includes cartoon illustrated mini book with fun elaborations of the fortune answers provided.

Simply spin the Office Answer Wheel, and your fate, it will reveal! Go on, and give it a spin!

  • I'll Have It in by 5
  • I Call Early Weekend
  • Yes, and I Love Your Hair
  • Ask Me Next Week
  • Sounds Great
  • I Demand Coffee
  • This Desk Is out of Service
  • Count Me In
  • All Signs Point to No
  • I'll Do Overtime for This

Does your boss, officemate, or family constantly bug you with a seemingly endless supply of questions, demands, and assignments? If you're tired of the parade of questions from your boss, kids, or coworkers, simply turn to your trusty Office Answer Wheel, give the wheel a gentle spin, and let whatever answer it lands on determining the asker's fate.

Mini desktop game spinner. Includes a 48-page mini book written by Shaenon K. Garrity and Andrew Farago. Gift box measures approximately 3 inches x 2 inches deep x 4 inches tall. The Office Answer Wheel : Give It a Spin!