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The Original Squirmles 4-Pack

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Squirmles - It's a Magical Pet!

Straight outta 1974... re-introducing The Original Squirmles!

These soft + slinky fellas are magical pets that wiggle, jump, and do tricks over your hands and in and out of cups. Spoiler Alert: The secret is the invisible leash that is pre-attached for easy instant use!

  • Our Squirmles come in a snap-close case, so you can store them away safely and neatly when not using them
  • Colors vary so we'll do our best to pick a color that matches your aura!
  • Includes 4 crazy fuzzy little worms - two adult sized and two babies!
  • Best. Cat. Toy. Ever. They think it's alive since the string is invisible!

Be sure to check out the video above for tips on how to train your Squirmles to do tricks! And if you have a cat, tie one to the end of a wand and watch them go crazy! They were not designed to be cat toys, so be sure to use your noodle! It's also a fun gift for little kids with big imaginations!

Set of 2. One full size and one bonus baby sized Squirmles included. Adult Squirmles measures 8.5 inches long and .5 inches wide. Nostalgic fun! They make awesome party favors, fun Easter basket gifts, and a classic stocking stuffer! Created by Nowstalgic. Squirmles: Millions and Millions sold. Get the original!