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Tin Foil Hat For Cats

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A purrfect gift for the conspiracy theorist.

Free your feline from mind control with our Tin Foil Hat for Cats! They want to know what your cat is thinking. They want to control your cat’s thoughts. Not on our watch!

Does your cat exhibit any of these behaviors?

  • Stares blankly into space
  • Acts as if you don't exist
  • Knocks things off counters for no reason
  • Obsessed with cardboard boxes
  • Constantly surfing the dark web

These are all signs that your cat is being controlled by THEM! Regain control of your cat with our Tin Foil Hat for cats! Archie McPhee has made a Tin Foil Hat for Cats to make sure that kitty’s thoughts stay private. This mylar hat fits most cats, has a comfy felt lining and is held in place with an elastic strap. It even has holes for cat ears! Take that, Illuminati!

Restores the dignity of your kitty. Very effective against MKUltra satellites, cat food company dream-insertion marketing, Guy Fieri, Soviet cat control protocols, psychic dogs, skull tapping, focused magnetic pulse and the neighbor’s labradoodle.

  • Makes sure your cat’s thoughts are its own
  • Protects against HAARP + Gamma Rays
  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • RFID Implants
  • Dog ESP

It's the purrfect gift for your kitteh or the crazy cat lady next door! Also available for humans!

Includes one cat sized reflective “tin foil” hat. Made of mylar with felt lining. Held on with elastic strap. The perfect gift for tiny furry conspiracy theorists and their servants, our Our Tin Foil Hat for Cats!