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Tiny Palmistry Palm Reading Book + Hand

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Read your future!

Our Tiny Palmistry Palm Reading Book + Hand lets you explore the magic and the mystery of palm reading with the miniature porcelain palm and mini guide to the ancient art. For centuries people have been looking to their hands for guidance about the future. You'll quickly learn about palm reading using the porcelain palm and seeing the key lines (love line, life line) and mounts (Venus, Mercury) marked in purple ink. Palm Reading never claims that it can predict how much money you'll make or how many children you'll have, but it does contend that "your hand is a miniature map of the inner you."

Reveal the secrets of the centuries-old art of palmistry, showing how to interpret the lines and formations in the hand. This useful guide and statue is an enchanted guide to the ways in which our palms can reveal character and predict fate and fortunes. Bound to inspire hours of amusement and interest, this little book and hand guide are a must for your next party and are small enough to carry in the palm of your hand.

  • Deluxe magnetic closure box
  • Miniature porcelain palm
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • 48-page mini book
  • Find the inner you

Our Tiny Palmistry Palm Reading Book + Hand measures approx. 3 inches x 2 inches x 4 inches and comes with a deluxe magnetic closure box, 3 inch mini porcelain palm hand, a clear quartz crystal for palm cleansing and a 48 page mini book with introduction to palm reading.